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Thank you for signing up for the our SIM contract.

SIM申込書​ (SIM Application)


        050 Mobile Terms of Service  (Prohibited Matters)          


(1)    他人の知的財産権その他の権利を侵害する行為
(2)    他人の財産、プライバシー又は肖像権を侵害する行為
(3)    他人を誹謗中傷し、又はその名誉もしくは信用を毀損する行為
(4)    詐欺、業務妨害等の犯罪行為又はこれを誘発もしくは扇動する行為
(5)    わいせつ、児童ポルノ・児童虐待に結びつく、もしくは結びつくおそれの高い行為
(6)    薬物犯罪、規制薬物等の濫用に結びつく、もしくは結びつくおそれの高い行為、又は未承認医薬品等の勧誘を行う行為
(7)    貸金業を営む登録を受けないで、金銭の貸付の勧誘を行う行為
(8)    無限連鎖講(ネズミ講)を開設し、又はこれを勧誘する行為
(9)    他人になりすましてサービスを使用する行為
(10)    違法な賭博・ギャンブルを行わせ、又は違法な賭博・ギャンブルへの参加を勧誘する行為
(11)    違法行為(けん銃等の譲渡、爆発物の不正な製造、児童ポルノの提供、公文書偽造、殺人、脅迫等)を請負し、仲介し又は誘引(他人に依頼することを含む)する行為
(12)    人を自殺に誘引又は勧誘する行為、又は他人に危害の及ぶおそれの高い自殺の手段等を紹介するなどの行為
(13)    犯罪や違法行為に結びつく、又はそのおそれの高い情報や、他人を不当に誹謗中傷・侮辱したり、プライバシーを侵害したりする音声通信をする行為
(14)    利用回線を故意に保留したまま放置し、その他通信の伝送交換に妨害を与える行為
(15)    本人の同意を得ることなく不特定多数の第三者に対して自動電話ダイアリングシステムを用いまたは合成音声もしくは録音音声等を用いて、商業的宣伝や勧誘などを行う行為
(16)    多数の不完了呼を故意に発生させる等、通信の輻輳を生じさせるおそれのある行為
(17)    自動ダイアリングシステムを用いまたは合成音声通信もしくは録音音声等を用い、第三者が嫌悪感を抱く音声通信をする行為
(18)    その他、法令もしくは公序良俗に違反し、又は他人の権利を著しく侵害する行為

         Usage rules (prohibited acts)

(1) Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of others.
(2) Acts that infringe on the property, privacy or portrait rights of others.

(3) Acts that slander others or damage their honor or reliability.
(4) Criminal acts such as fraud or obstruction of business, or acts that induce or incite them.
(5) Acts that lead to child pornography, child abuse or likely to lead to obscenity.
(6)Acts that lead to drug crimes, abuse of regulated drugs, etc. or likely to lead to obscenity and act of solicit unapproved drugs.
(7) The act of soliciting money lending without being registered as a money lender.
(8)The act of establishing or soliciting "networking business scheme". 

(9) Acts of impersonating another person while using the service.
(10)Acts of causing illegal gambling /soliciting that participation in illegal gambling / gambling
(11) Acts of contracting, asking another person, mediating or attracting illegal activities such as transfer of pistols, illegal production of explosives, provision of child pornography, forgery of official documents, murder, intimidation, etc.

(12)Acts of inviting or soliciting a person to commit suicide, or introducing means of suicide that are likely to cause harm to others.
(13) Acts of voice communication of  information that leads to or is likely to lead to crime or illegal acts, that unfairly slander or insult others, or infringe on privacy.
(14) Acts that intentionally leave the line on hold and interfere with other communication transmission exchanges.
(15) Acts of soliciting or advertising to an unspecified number of third person without consent by using an automatic telephone dialing system or using synthetic voice or recorded voice.
(16) Acts of causing communication congestion or likely leading to communication congestion by such as intentionally generating a large number of incomplete calls.
(17)The act of performing voice communication that a third party dislikes using an automatic dialing system, synthetic voice communication, recorded voice, etc.
(18)Other acts that violate laws and regulations, public order and morals, or significantly infringe the rights of others.

 【Careful point】


Basically 050 SIM can be used to call to land mine however  some numbers cannot be called.

【For example】
・Emergency call(110: Police 119:Emergency firefighting ect...) →Unable to use
・0120-×××-×××, 0800-×××-××, 0570-×××-×× etc... →Unable to use


050 mobile SIM can't use SMS.

  【When unable to call or receive calls】



①Trun off Wi-Fi 
②Trun on 「Airplain mode」→Trun off 「Airplain mone」 
③Reboot device 
④Logout 050APP→Login 050APP 
⑤050Delete APP→Install 050APP 

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